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LEC 950 CryoLert Single Channel Liquid Nitrogen Level Alarm

Cryolert Single Channel 2015

Protect your valuable biological specimens with CryoLert. This liquid nitrogen alarm alerts you to changes in LN2 levels. Vacuum in vessels can deteriorate over time  causing LN2 to evaporate faster.

The CryoLert continuously monitors LN2 levels, alerting you audible, visually and with relay contacts when:
- LN2 level fall below sensor
- Sensor Failure
- Power Failure

The Fill Timeout switch disables the alarm for 10 minutes during filling.
Accuracy of our cryogenic level sensor is +/- 5mm.
Supplied with Single Channel Cryogenic Sensor (Standard of 600mm teflon and 600mm PVC, total 1200mm sensor length).

 Please specify length on ordering or standard shall be supplied.

Description Order Code
LEC 950 CryoLert LE-950
Replacement sensor LE-CS


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