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About Us

LabIVF is a subsidiary of Labquip Group Asia which was established in 1983. Labquip Group Asia offices are laboratory and scientific equipment supply companies with specialities in Ventilation, Pharmaceutical, Polymer, Plant Physiology, Animal Care, Teaching Sciences and many more.

The first LabIVF office, LabIVF Asia was established in Singapore in 2002 to further develop and focus on the business and solutions in infertilty, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) as well as products for freezing, long term storage and distribution of biological materials, supporting biomedical applications such as assisted reproduction, oncology research, immunology, gene therapy and tissue banking.

We are equipped with the following factors that steer us forward much faster:

  • Close to 30 years of extensive experience in different applications and laboratories
  • Being part of Labquip Group Asia which has offices in 9 different countries
  • With integration in logistics and sales support, we are able to offer more products at competitive prices

Now, Labquip + LabIVF has a total of 9 offices in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thaland and  Vietnam

LabIVF Asia is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and GDP MDS certified company.

In 2010, LabIVF Asia acquired the intectellual property of LEC Instruments Pty Ltd based in Melbourne, Australia.

LEC Instruments is a manufacturer of 30 years of microscope warm stages, incubators, liquid nitrogen level alarms, test tube warmers, warming trays, vitrification straws and other instruments specifically used for assisted reproduction. 
This acquisition further illustrate LabIVF's committment to the niche areas of Assisted Reproduction and Cryogenics.

In 2011, the manufacturing, QC and calibration has been shifted to Singapore under the guidance and consultancy of Mr Lauri Aaltonen.

We are proud to be trusted by Mr Lauri Aaltonen to continue his legacy and with this, a new and revamped website of LEC Instruments is here.

Please go to Contact Us to look for the nearest sales and distribution offices for LEC Instruments products.

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