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LEC 960 Portable Incubator

LEC Instruments portable incubator is primarily designed for transportation of embryos, oocytes, semen and other sensitive cells or tissue.

The portable incubator consists of temperature-controlled aluminum blocks for a variety of tubes and dishes.. Operation is from an internal 12 volt battery, a battery charger or a 12 volt vehicle battery. Careful selection of inert materials are used in the incubator section which is separate to the battery and control circuitry.

CO2 incubator version of the portable incubator is also available for use with pre-mixed gas. Small amount of pressure regulated gas is continuously fed to the incubator. The gas enters the incubator chamber at the bottom through a one way valve and exhausts from the lid and an over pressure release valve.

Supplied complete with Mains Charger and Car Charger. Please order blocks separately

Description   Order Code
LEC 960 Portable Incubator LE-960 

LEC 960 Large Portable Incubator

LEC960 Portable Incubator, Gas Version LE-960G
LE950 Large Portable Incubator, Gas Version LE-960LG
Block (Please specify on ordering) LE-XXX

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